Two Winding Transformer

Model of a two winding transformer. It is assumed, that node A is the node with higher voltage.

Attributes, Units and Remarks

Type Model

All impedances and admittances are given with respect to the higher voltage side. As obvious, the parameter can be used in T- as in 𝜋-equivalent circuit representations.

Attribute Unit Remarks
id   Human readable identifier
rSc Ω Short circuit resistance
xSc Ω Short circuit impedance
gM nS No load conductance
bM nS No load susceptance
sRated kVA Rated apparent power
vRatedA kV Rated voltage at higher voltage terminal
vRatedB kV Rated voltage at lower voltage terminal
dV % Voltage magnitude increase per tap position
dPhi ° Voltage angle increase per tap position
tapSide   true, if tap changer is installed on lower voltage side
tapNeutr   Neutral tap position
tapMin   Minimum tap position
tapMax   Maximum tap position

Entity Model

Attribute Unit Remarks
id Human readable identifier
operationTime Timely restriction of operation
nodeA Higher voltage node
nodeB Lower voltage node
parallelDevices Amount of parallel devices of same attributes
tapPos Current position of the tap changer
autoTap true, if there is a tap regulation apparent and active


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