Model of (mainly) domestic loads.

Attributes, Units and Remarks

Attribute Unit Remarks
id Human readable identifier
operationTime Timely restriction of operation
qCharacteristics Reactive power characteristic to follow
standardLoadProfile Standard load profile as model behaviour
dsm Whether the load is able to follow demand side management signals
eConsAnnual kWh Annual energy consumption
sRated kVA Rated apparent power
cosphiRated Rated power factor


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Standard Load Profiles

The StandardLoadProfile is an interface, that forces it’s implementing classes to have a String key and being able to parse a String to an StandardLoadProfile. Its only purpose is to give note, which standard load profile has to be used by the simulation. The actual profile has to be provided by the simulation itself. If no matching standard load profile is known, StandardLoadProfile#NO_STANDARD_LOAD_PROFILE can be used.

To assist the user in marking the desired load profile, the enum BdewLoadProfile provides a collection of commonly known German standard electricity load profiles, defined by the bdew (Bundesverband der Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft; engl. Federal Association of the Energy and Water Industry). For more details see the corresponding website (German only).