Electrical Energy Storage

Model of an ideal electrical battery energy storage.

Attributes, Units and Remarks

Type Model

Attribute Unit Remarks
id Human readable identifier
capex Capital expenditure to purchase one entity of this type
opex € / MWh
Operational expenditure to operate one entity of
this type
eStorage kWh Battery capacity
sRated kVA Rated apparent power
cosphiRated Rated power factor
pMax kW
Maximum permissible active power
infeed or consumption
activePowerGradient % / h Maximum permissible rate of change of power
eta % Efficiency of the electrical inverter
dod %
Maximum permissible depth of discharge. 80 % dod
is equivalent to a state of charge of 20 %.
lifeTime h Permissible hours of full use
lifeCycle Permissible amount of full cycles

Entity Model

Attribute Unit Remarks
id Human readable identifier
operationTime Timely restriction of operation
qCharacteristics Reactive power characteristic to follow
Foreseen operation strategy of the storage.
Eligible input: “market”, “grid”, “self”


The field behaviour will be removed in version 1.x, as this is an information, that is only important to a smaller sub set of simulation applications.